mmm…forbidden pretzel….

so, um, yeah, hi….i….i…i just couldn’t hold back any longer! i sooo want to be an electronic hipster, in with the in-crowd…in the know…..a place to blather where i can just sent it out there, electonic karma-like…and, thanks to my ‘rents i’m the proud owner of a new computer that makes it possible for me to actually take advantage of this newfangled technology…..”internets” if you will…

and, what more fitting for my new digs than an ode to the philly carb bomb, the mega-super squishy lovable philly pretzel…

and, brace yourself friends, it’s a PC. i’ve gone to the dark side, stepped away from the uber-consumer-driven on the d.l. apple to the obviously consumerism whorish windows environment. i know, it will probably drive some of you to question the very fibre of the universe, but who am i to look a gift comptuter in the monitor?

though, allegedly the purchase is because they shelled out somewhat substantial funds for my bro’s wedding… not sure how to look at that. i mean, is it spinster sympathy? have they simply given up on the ghost of a chance that i’ll actually engage in nuptials someday? oh sure…sure, bro’s four years younger than me, i’m living in west philly with four women and a cat… but, hey, as i see it, it’s better than the days when they used to hide aged unmarried women in the attic and pull their teeth out.. so, in that sense i’m certainly ahead of the curve!

but, i’m not too concerned. i mean, i’m certainly game to try things simply for the sake of seeing if i can. (i gave up coffee for a month for that very reason… but, before any of you fall off your chairs and start reciting the rosary fear not, all’s well and good and i’m back on the go-go-juice.) yet, when it comes to something that affects someone else (although coworkers will likely beg to differ when i claim my forced decaffeination had no effect on anyone but myself. i paid for all the damages!) i try to exercise a bit of restraint. thus, on subjects such as marriage, childbirth and karaoke, it’s best for me to watch for a while until everyone’s suitably drunk!

so friends, i’m going to be playing with this site a bit, posting some pics, making a utter arse out of myself no doubt… the usual! and, consider this my official annoucement of my taking up on the east coast on a pretty permanent basis… i’m too goddamned lazy to keep moving! so, consider this also the official annoucement that y’all need to visit! 😉

but it’s only a matter of time before spring is here and it’s time to get serious. kinda’ like these folks… the entire bar, as a matter of fact, who ran out into the street and stopped traffic when the eagles won that championship thing…. Posted by Hello

so, i moved from syracuse, grateful to be away from the falling snow…. and what do i get? FALLING BLOODY SNOW!! this is my house…. in philly…. in the snow… *sigh* Posted by Hello