es|brath is my perpetually un-updated website. Ironically, my day job is graphic designer and editor, and I spend a considerable portion of my time working on other peoples’ websites. 

Fortunately, my other—occasional—day job is vegan cook/chef/baker. Meaning, I spend a considerable portion of my time thinking about and/or making food. I was halfway through a culinary degree when the pandemic hit, which I fully intend to continue after the ’Rona goes the hell away. 

I’m also an occasional working artist, mural artist, and author. I also try to keep up with my blog. It’s not going well… 

I am based in beautiful Ithaca, New York, which is great in a pandemic with its many hiking trails, lakes, gorges, and ridiculous natural beauty. I’ve been here for more years than I’ve been anywhere else.

I earned my BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, masters in journalism from Syracuse. I’ve lived everywhere from SF to Philly to Boston to London, and countless places in between. 

I am usually some dogs’ human, but my last crossed the rainbow bridge March 20. One upside of COVID: dogs are hard to find to adopt. I’m working on it. 

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Else Marit E. Bergan

    Dear Erica,
    It is a long time since I have heard from you, and I am very sorry about that.
    I do hope you would write me a few words and tell me how you are doing. Please write me a few words, lots of love from your aunt in Norway.

  2. ditto heidi’s comment above, and i finally commented here because i grew up between siberacuse and ithaca, and always love hearing people write fondly about the place of my birth.

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