Latest Supreme Court nominee

I’m sorry, but Harriet Miers, BushCo.’s latest Supreme Court puppet, er, nominee, looks like the kind of person who would stuff small children in a large oven, cook them and eat them with a nice chianti…
Or the right-hand (wo)man to the conservative agenda. Not to mention the fact that she doesn’t even have experience on the bench.
Be afraid … be very very afraid…

These Boots were made for shopping

Boots logo

Oh, heavenly toiletry gods, you have heard me and answered my prayers!


Boots, my most favoritest store ever ever ever—think CVS only super way cooler, and British—is merging with Alliance UniChem to create an uber-mega purveyor of most fantastic British bath and beauty stuffs!!!


Boots, the British drug store chain, plans to merge with Alliance UniChem, the European drug retailer and wholesaler, in the first step of a global expansion plan that will include Asia and the United States, two executives briefed on the talks said Sunday.

I am in heaven. I am practically rolling around on the floor in ecstasy. (Sad that it takes so little to make my day…)


Truth is, I love Boots. Love. It. And have even planned trips to the U.K. as such: "Okay, all I need is to visit so-and-so, drink some Guinness, and make sure I leave enough money and time and, of course, an empty suitcase for my purchases at Boots."


Anyone who has been with me in the U.K. knows of my obsession. When I was travelling back from Scotland with my writing and photo peers, they thought I was insane for bringing a bag filled with half a dozen pots of lotion they lovingly referred to as "goop" into Wagamama. It was a since-discontinued (everyone hang their heads in sadness now) Boots-brand scent called Daisy. I have about 1/16 of a jar left. I am so sad… Send more, oh gods… send more!!!


In Ireland my friends stood, annoyed I’m sure, as I wandered the aisles smelling every lotion, shampoo and assorted colourful jar and tube of gunk, goo and gloop.


Not to mention the fact that when I worked in London, Boots provided lunch (triangle sandwich, crisps and a drink), entertainment, manicures, remedies (Tylenol, a.k.a. panadol, with codeine, OTC, baybee!) and hell, even BOTOX for those well-to-do wrinkly Brits (Camilla aside, of course).


Therefore, it is magically good news that Boots plans to finally, FINALLY make its way to the U.S., and not a moment too soon for a product whore like me.


I may have to move to a flat with a larger bathroom….