Feedback on your channel

Dear Current TV,

I cannot believe you replaced my beloved News World International with the visual equivalent of a meth-addicted chimpanzee. I attempted to watch your channel, and, quite frankly, all it did was give me the overwhelming urge to take myself to the nearest department store to swath myself in brightly colored synthetic clothes.


Please stop torturing those of us who actually prefer to get real, solid information on what’s going on in the world via the TV. No one needs mindless trivial fluff like top Google searches flashed, rat-a-tat, into already tired from spending 8+ hours on the Internet — and, ironically, Google — retinas.


Attempting to force-feed me mindless bullshit in small, MTV-sized chunks is not only annoying and homicidal-rage inducing, it’s insulting. Thankfully for me any and all the 18-34 year old poor saps who happen to pause accidentally on your channel, thus getting sucked into an ocular vortex of vacuous fluff that seems more likely to induce seizures than interest, it’s likely to fail miserably.


Unfortunately, I’m not sure that will mean I’ll get my NWI back.

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