Away in a manger… er… bed…..

It has come to my attention recently that I have neglected my blogging duties during my long and dawn out hibernation-beyond-the-ether.

It’s true, and really, I can explain. See, I’ve not been able to tear myself away from my bed, have spent countless hours there, sheets and blankets wrapped hither and yon, breathing heavily, getting hot then cold, then snuggling for a few hours before starting again….

Sadly, this has all happened solo, and under the heavy influence of OTC and prescription meds.


Seems my near-annual asthma-induced bronchitis hit warp speed, and before I even had time to line up the Robi-shots, I was knocked on my ass and out of civilization as we know it, coughing and wheezing with only my trusty pink stuffed pig Gordy for company and strength.

‘Course, that doesn’t mean the world as we know it has stopped turning, and shit continues to hit the proverbial fan across this fair nation and beyond even as I sleep. And, even more important, Christmas (or whatever you’d prefer to call the holiday – makes no diff to me as long as I get a few days off and can eat cookies with gleeful abandon) has continued its consumer-driven charge across the globe, shoving aside any item not emblazoned with the Visa, Mastercard and/or Amex logo.

I, however, have opted to step off that green treadmill, and have dedicated my sick time to creating holiday cards festooned with bits of fluff, from my creative genious to you and yours, or something like that. Although … they’re not actually done yet. Hey, I’ve been sick! Give me a break!

If you have not already provided me with a snail mail addy and would like a 100% GiRL World Domination Enterprises Inc. signed original delivered to your door sometime between now and next Thanksgiving, e-mail me here!

Until then, I bid y’all adieu, I’m hitting the NyQuil (“Big N, little Y, big fucking Q!”).

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