My Own Little Corner of Manayunk

I’ve finally stopped sleeping with ear plugs. Not initially. For the first few days it seemed almost foreign to sleep with the ability to hear anything and everything going on around me.


But now that it’s been a full week of freedom I’d have to say it’s pretty goddamn cool.


Oh, I had my doubts, the lingering fears and uncertainty: if a scary monster were going to attack me, is it better to remain oblivious until the very end, or hear every scale, scraping toenail and breath of fire as it moves ever closer?


Granted, the real reason I’d taken to earplugs wasn’t so much scary monsters as annoying surroundings. And I have to say, since vacating my West Philly abode I do not miss the boomin’ system. Not one bit. Not one beat. Nada…


And yes, it’s true, I’ve moved into my own digs in the land Justin euphemistically refers to as Many Hunks, otherwise known as the land of bicycles and spandex. (Although, technically, I’m in a place called Wissahickon. Whatever… I see bicycles…)


To celebrate, I took mah baybee out for a spin last week to see what it’s like to hit the open road straight from home, and not have to make my way through the ‘hood first. An hour later, sucking air and bright lobster red, I realized I’ve got a lot of work to do—apparently skating’s not all that in the land of fitness!


But it sure is fun to do and watch, and in the spirit of roller derby unity a few of us She-Devils made our way to Long Island last night for their opening bout, which was definitely much fun. Ranking high on the un-fun o’meter, however, would be Google directions and the asshole programmer who decided the easiest way from Philly to Long Island is through Man-effing-hattan!


Anyone who happened to be on 34th yesterday as a little red VW crawled along, its driver heaping curses upon Google while shaking the steering wheel … well, I apologize. Hopefully there won’t be any lasting scars…