It’s Getting Hot in Here

Okay, not really. In fact, it’s snowing outside, which I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to.

I know I’ll be verbally bludgeoned for saying such a thing here in the land of trash trucks as snowplows, but I’ve missed the winter white. It’s true! Granted, years of hoofing it through knee-deep expanses of the stuff, or straining my eyes driving through flakes that begin to resemble warp speed, should’ve left me wanting no more.

But I must be a glutton for punishment. And should we get some real accumulation, I’ll be out there in my mittens, taking a break from the hectic pace I’ve been keeping.

I’m absolutely thrilled that I’ve been working my tail off, but the breakneck speed I’ve been going at for the last few months has left me aching for a vacation.

That won’t be happening anytime soon, however. In addition to a slew of articles in the works, I’m up for a national gig authoring a food website. I’m gunna’ keep it mum for now – it’s me and four other kitchen geeks – but should it land in my lap, I’ll be sure to let y’all in on it.

Until then, enjoy winter, stay warm, and before you know it, we’ll have the heat to whinge about! J

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