Oh ’Rona…

John and Mary’s wedding.

When this started, I was focused on not dying, and making sure my parents didn’t either. As a former journalist, I was glued to the news and Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 tracker. I watched its progression, paid attention, and then I locked down. 

First and foremost: I am one of the luckiest people around. I’ve spent more years in the blue collar trades than white, and had this happened almost any other time in my life I’d be toast. In fact, when the Great Recession hit I lost. it. all. 

But this catastrophe around I am incredibly spoiled: a week before Gov. Cuomo shut down the state, I sauntered in to work, grabbed what I was working on and stated, “I am leaving. I will be working from home.” A different employer would’ve balked, but they knew I live with two high risk individuals, and understood. Pretty sure they also thought I was nuts. Fair enough. 

As I transitioned full time from a giant Mac to a tiny-ass 13-inch laptop screen, perched uncomfortably on not my cush ergonomic work chair, I focused on making work work. I’d worked remotely off and on as I made my way through culinary school, but this was different. This was for real. This was now my life. Continue reading “Oh ’Rona…”