We were there for the stories, which we found in abundance. I made these flowers out of a dough made of sugar, taught by these ladies in what’s called the Sugar Craft Guild. When I get married I’ll order a sugar craft cake from Scotland, despite the fact that they’re hundreds of dollars! Posted by Hello

The first Buddhist monastery in the U.K., in western Europe, is outside Lockerbie — Samye Ling. It’s home to monks and nuns, but also those from the community who want, or need, to remove themselves into its solitude. Posted by Hello

So spring gets me thinking, especially March’s impending warmth. Last time I was in school I spent break in Lockerbie, Scotland, working on a book. This is the town hall — the stained glass window features the flag for each country that lost a victim in the Pan Am 103 bombing in Dec. 1988. Posted by Hello