i think i’m going to change my name to erratica … seems to fit better with my random though-ridden mind!

somewhere in manhattan there is a livewrong bracelet that spontaneously leapt from my wrist when i wasn’t paying attention. i think it’s a sign.

anyone know how to cook a tofurkey? and yes, stick it inside a turkey has already been suggested!


  1. Karin · November 17, 2005

    Hi Erratica,I don’t know how to make a tofurkey, and it looks like I’ll need to eat some flesh this Thanksgiving if I want to fit in. My boyfriend’s family aren’t exactly sympathetic to the vegetarian lifestyle.See you at class!(Assuming this Erica from the writing workshop at Temple.)

  2. MikeJ · November 17, 2005

    Do you even have to cook a tofurkey?”Erratica.” I like it! It’s kind of like “Erasure,” only without the latent homosexuality.

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