i think i’m going to change my name to erratica … seems to fit better with my random though-ridden mind!

somewhere in manhattan there is a livewrong bracelet that spontaneously leapt from my wrist when i wasn’t paying attention. i think it’s a sign.

anyone know how to cook a tofurkey? and yes, stick it inside a turkey has already been suggested!

2 thoughts on “erratica

  1. Karin

    Hi Erratica,I don’t know how to make a tofurkey, and it looks like I’ll need to eat some flesh this Thanksgiving if I want to fit in. My boyfriend’s family aren’t exactly sympathetic to the vegetarian lifestyle.See you at class!(Assuming this Erica from the writing workshop at Temple.)

  2. MikeJ

    Do you even have to cook a tofurkey?”Erratica.” I like it! It’s kind of like “Erasure,” only without the latent homosexuality.

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