New Year’s Eve?

So, I’m wondering: What’s everyone doing for New Year’s Eve here in this fair city of brotherly love, soft pretzels and $2 lager?
I’m thinking cheap drinks in even cheaper settings until my head explodes and/or I ring in the satanic baby new year, whichever comes first, but this city is so full of white trash potential, I’d hate to miss out on another year of double-fisted Yeungling sing-along with Bon Jovi….
Thoughts please…

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve?

  1. Mags

    Well, I’m not in Philly, and you’re probably not going to like my answer, but I’m staying in with family. I figure it’s the least I can do since I just got an apartment and am going to move closer to work. You gotta come visit. πŸ˜€

  2. e.

    Oh, and for all the people annoyed by the word verification needed to leave a comment, i’m sorry, blame the dickhead spammers, and know i feel your pain: i just spent forever trying to leave a comment on my own fucking blog, but obviously am dyslexic and retarded about reading the fucking word verification words!!!

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