me, drunk, midnight, the blonde center of a snog sandwich….

not too shabby.


Please god let it be less horrible than 2005, and for chrissakes, would somebody in D.C. clean some fundamentalist dumbass Texas born again coke addict dry drunk house already?!!?!!?



  1. Mags · January 3, 2006

    “Snog sandwich”? I want pictures.

  2. e. · January 3, 2006

    heh heh! i’m actually hoping there aren’t any! although, it would help me remember what they looked like at least….

  3. Karin · January 4, 2006

    I’m dying to know what a “snog sandwich” is. Is it a mixture of snot and something else?

  4. e. · January 4, 2006

    erm.. well, ah, no….from my handy-dandy British/American dictionary, which I am required to have here at work as I get to write in both forms (yippee! I knew my pub tour of the U.K. would come in handy some day), this may help:snog v n :neck, mack, smooch, “they’re snogging in the cupboard”, “they went for a snog”.Snogging in the cupboard? I knew the Brits were uptight but really!

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