Shameless Self Promotion!

Tonight’s the night: Heaven and Hell on Earth in the good’ ol Garden State . Woo hoo!


It’s about noon now and I’m just schlepping down the last dregs of my gallon of coffee before dragging myself out the door. There are errands to be run, things to be purchased and weekly un-fun chores to be completed before tonight.


But that’s not stopping me from heading out to Holiday Skating Center tonight and having some goddamn good ol’ fashioned fishnet and mini-skirted fun …


And that shouldn’t stop anyone else, either.


So, the doors open a 6 p.m. , bout starts at 7 p.m., and the place is super easy to get to:


From Philly just head across the Betsy Ross Bridge , get onto Route 130 (Burlington Pike), and, in New Jersey left turn form, there will be a Creek Road exit to the right. It’s over a river, and there’s a green highway sign as well for Creek Road. (If you look it up on Google it’s Riverside, NJ, on Mapquest I think it’s Delanco. Total bullshit — just hit Route 130, there’s some big resort-y looking place also called Holiday — it’s easy to find, just go. I got there with zero sense of direction — anyone can!)


There will also be loverly hand-painted signs reading “Roller Derby” with arrows pointing the way at the corner in all directions as well, courtesy moi. (Yo, can’t let that art degree go to waste, eh?!!?!?)


Cross Route 130, at the light right past the WaWa on the corner turn left, and be amazed at the amount of cars and people swarming into the skating rink parking lot, a very short bit down the road on your right.


I expect everyone to be there, damnit!


In the meantime, I guess I’m going to leave the house or something … a croissant is calling my name …

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