Tuesday: I’m so damned tired. And completely off my rocker, it seems, considering the fact that somehow I managed to take myself outside the house this a.m. with two completely different earrings on.


Now, granted, that’s not a huge deal — happens all the time, I’m sure, with earrings, socks, shoes, anything that comes in twos — but the part that has me most worried is the fact that no one said a word to me.


So what does that say about me?!?!?


I think I’ve just got so much going on right now I can’t keep the brain, or its accessories, on straight!


First off, there’s the skating around in circles while simultaneously trying to push other skaters around — while remaining upright, a talent I’ve yet to master, or even get the basics of — not to mention the writing and the visiting and the eating, drinking and be merry’ing, along with the fact that any day now I am moving from the dark hole I’ve been residing in for far longer than originally intended to a brightly lit cocoon of my very own.


That shit takes time and energy.


And then there’s all the other stuff that floats around my peripheral vision like the ghost that walks between the walls of this scary, old house. Or maybe it’s just my paranoid schizophrenic-esque roommate. Who knows. Either way, I’m outta’ here to chase ghosts of my own.


In the meantime, things continue to get away from me.


Like the fact that for the first time since switching phone service providers a year ago I looked at my phone bill, and the number rundown, only to discover a number from an area code I lived in once upon a time…


Only, I never remembered getting a single call from this number, because if I had I would have picked it up immediately. For, you know, curiosity’s sake.


Not because, you know, there might be someone at the other end I’m desperate to, you know, talk to…


So now I sit and stare at the number. Whoever it was gave up trying weeks ago, which I can’t say I blame them, and never left a message, which I also cannot blame them for….


So what do I do?


If I call, what do I say? I can’t find the number on google. There’s no other choice. I call, or I don’t. Two horrible decisions for an anti-social butterly!


If only life were as easy as strapping on a pair of skates and pushing people around…


God I need help… or balls!



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  1. cyber-groupie

    Hi there,Just randomly surfed onto your site. Your blogs (and life) make for some fascinating reading indeed. A rollerderby? And all this while I thought rollergirl was a Heather Graham character. Just goes to show the coconut shell I’ve been under.Anyway, I hope you will not object to my swinging by now and again. Get some rest!Alan

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