Oslo, the city of thieves

Seems thieves were arrested in Oslo stealing two more Edvard Munch paintings, according to the NY Times.

This, of course, does not solve the theft of “The Scream” and “Madonna” last year, but hopefully it will lead to something.

Of course, those dumbass Norwegians stood around while the thieves stole the paintings from the Munch Museet, which simply baffles me.

Sadly, this tends to be a problem with Norway: As a socialist country, they expect someone else to do everything for them. They aren’t even allowed to hook up their own Internet.

I simply cannot imagine a similar theft in the states. Of course, that has its good and bad elements. But, overall, I do love Norway, “warts and all,” I’m just not sure I can live there. I want to, eventually I’m sure I will, but the self-determination and pure pull yourself up by the bootstraps mentality that thrives here in the U.S. makes it diffucult to be there.

Until, of course, they slap a fresh salmon and glass of aquavit in front of you!

Aftenposten reported today that the Norwegian economy is picking up in leaps and bounds. Considering the U.S. economy is chugging along… if you’re rich… maybe I need to get all Viking on my life.

‘Course, the pillaging I already do, although the raping I could do without!