I am very goal driven. I swear, if I don’t have a goal to work toward, I’m useless.

It’s a sad situation, but, thankfully I’ve realized this, before I’m old and gray and laying on my death bed, thinking, “Oh shit…. I haven’t done anything!”

My brother convinced me to run the Utica Boilermaker with him this year — it’s 15K – 9.6 miles. Not too long, not too short, and in the middle of summer, so it’s like hell (and, well, so is Utica so i guess it makes sense… Spent two years there, when we were looking at the first apartment we moved into the big selling point was that it was on the third floor, and crossfire doesn’t usually travel that high).

But, then, I got thinking: why not another marathon? I mean, 9.6 miles…. 26.2. Once you get going, it’s just a matter of keeping going. Not that bad, right? (It’s like childbirth, i think: you just remember the good parts, and don’t remind yourself that invariably you get to the point where you’re sobbing, making deals with god that if he/she makes the hurting stop and gets you through it you’ll adopt a third world orphan or something…)

So, how many weeks do I have to train? I’m totally on it! First step: put an end to the rock’n’roll lifestyle…

Let me just put down my wine and write that down….