Nikki Hilton: Vapid Bitch

So I must admit my disposition has been less than stellar lately. Downright glum, even. A swirling mass of deep, black fetid goo at times…

Thus, in an effort to get my brain moving, along with my bod, I decided to take a trip to the gym yesterday, something I rarely do these lovely bike-riding days.

And that’s when it happened, the brain-shriveling assault of idiocy gone wild: my gym has individual TV screens on each piece of cardio equipment, and as I trudged my way across many virtual miles after a pathetically tiring day attempting to make enough money to pay the bills and still have enough to go out and buy groceries, Nikki Hilton appeared.

Now, I don’t know what the hell channel I was on, and I know very little about this girl except she’s annoying as fuck Paris “I have to marry someone with the same name as me so I can come while screaming ‘Paris, oh Paris’ while fucking” Hilton’s brown-haired sister. Other than that, I plead cluelessness.

Seems this little chickie was posing, all streetwalker-like, for some guy mag — Maxim of FHM or something — and they were asking her really deep questions, probably something like, “So, do you touch yourself when you wake up because you are so rich and vapid?”

In the course of this conversation little cuntalina decides to defend herself against her detractors by asserting that they are full of shit because she, at 21, was/is CEO of her own company, and she’d like to see what they were doing at 21 that was so important.

Ooookay. Well, hm. Let’s see. Me: I was working full-time, going to school full-time, and trying to get an education while subsisting on .14 cent ramen noodles in a bid to do something with my life. Most others are/were probably doing the same thing, and lots of people right now, at 21, are doing things far more important than Ms. Hilton will ever hope to accomplish in her life, like being human.

And, not like anyone cares, and it’s not like my outrage will make an ounce of difference, but this little whorebag trustafarian* bitch should be so lucky to come back in the next life as a cockroach.