5 thoughts on “

  1. lala

    over at the catbox annex we love your use of sponge bob against the soft pretzel for scale… we should show you the photo of the portobella mushroom, we grew under our kitchen sink, where we used a small baby for scale…

  2. rysolag

    Hi,— http://www.blogladder.com —This is an invite to blogladder.com. You can change the colors at the bottom of the home page; there are 20+ color combos. You can also change the header animations; click the little square in the bottom right corner of the header. Your entries are likely to get more feedback as this is a community blogging site.Have a nice day – come check us out!

  3. me

    this is clearly some type of homosexual image that you’re trying to infuse into the youth of america! you better believe that i intend to contact one of those religious watchdog groups and rally against your blog. for shame, heathen!

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