make mine raw

Last weekend was heaven — pure, unadulterated pink-snuggly-piggies kind of laid back drunken joy, thanks to the hospitality and understanding of my two long suffering parents. Three days lounging, full of food and libations, in their palatial house in the middle of the woods, and, alternately, on my dad’s wicked cool sailboat, made a great Fourth of July escape-Live8 weekend.
Except for the food part.
Now, since the introduction of a vegan diet two years ago, my pain-riddled belly has been quite happy. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten lazy, and in the last few weeks have fed it either not totally vegan food, or just total crap, and it’s on the rampage.
Thus, I’m slowly wrapping my brain around the idea of embracing, at least partially, this raw food diet. Justin’s been singing its praises, and I’ve been laughing at him, but the thought has continued to float into my consciousness, and I’m doing more research maybe giving it a try….
Plus, it seems pretty much in line with my cooking abilities, which are lazy lazy lazy.
I just don’t see myself going 100 percent raw. After all, hummus isn’t raw, coffee is most certainly not raw, and those tofu hoagies from the Fu Wah (which Jason keeps surprising me with, thus spoiling me rotten … not that I mind!) are as hot as Lance Armstrong in spandex….
Anyone out there raw? Any advice? And, would someone please tell me why I’m supposed to sprout stuff?!!? Aren’t there grocery stores for that sort of thing?!!?! 

One thought on “make mine raw

  1. MikeJ

    Oh, girl, I tried the raw food diet for a week last year, and I couldn’t do it. You have to soak EVERYTHING for like days before you can eat it. My body couldn’t handle it…I think for three days I ate nothing but carrots and hummus. But for those who have the willpower, it is supposed to be great. Demi Moore thinks so.

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