Tummy ache’s living strong

Today I feel sick. Just plain ol’ sick—stomach hurts, can’t eat, head aches … ugh. Oh winter, you must be around the corner!


Of course, a small part of my nausea could be caused by the fact that Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow are engaged. Ain’t that always the case—the bike boys dig the non-bike riding girly-girls.


Well, fuck ’em. I guess they need to feel more manly, what with their shaved legs and all. (Not that I’m against that look, I’m just disappointed that time and time again I’m forced to face that fact that, character-wise, men are pussies.)


Although, it looks like I’ll be heading to France next summer:


PARIS—Lance Armstrong plans to train with his team this winter, increasing speculation he will end his retirement and attempt an eighth straight Tour de France win.


“It’s definitely an open possibility, I know he is on the bike,” Discovery Channel team director Johan Bruyneel told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Wednesday.


Considering the fact that Armstrong is saying he wants to race to piss off the French, who keep battering him with doping allegations, I think I’ll definitely be carrying my Norwegian, not American, passport!