The Devil Wears Hatred

So it seems there a big flap over Vogue Editor-at-Large Andre Leon Talley telling Oprah that Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour has an aversion to fat people.

“Most of the Vogue girls are so thin, tremendously thin, because Miss Anna don’t like fat people,” he said. And Oprah should know: according to the story in the Daily News, she was forced to lose 30 lbs. by Wintour before she’d let her face stare out from the cover of the vapid mag (even though I do buy it occasionally—I’m human, people!).

Apparently, this set off a firestorm over at the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

“That you can make that statement and not realize it’s hateful, in this day in age, is shocking. Either he thinks the world hates fat people and that’s an okay thing, or he’s so self-hating that he didn’t see how hurtful this statement is,” said NAAFA spokesperson (not sure if it’s male or female!) Sandy Schaffer.

Forgive me for pointing out the blatantly obvious, but duh! OF COURSE Wintour hates fat people—her entire existence revolves around anorexic coat hangers and the fabric hanging off their skeletal frames.

Good lord, how much of a complete gobshite do you have to be to not realize that Talley’s remarks are about as shocking as Dick Cheney eating puppies for lunch or photos showing supermodel Kate Moss doing lines of coke?

I think Schaffer needs to rename the organization National Association of Clueless People Just Looking for a Reason to Whine.

And, seriously, if NAAFA thinks that some dude spewing that Wintour, who makes $2 million a year and can afford to be thin and toned, dislikes cellulite is hurtful and hateful, they need to get their heads out of the sand and look around at what’s really wrong with this world.

Maybe they should take some cues from PETA.