Buddha I am SO not

Tossed on the running shoes last night and people never cease to amaze me: now that school’s in, all the UPenn students are swarming around the ‘hood like sorostitutes to a frat kegger. I swear I saw a handful of people attempting, very poorly, to parallel park, on my relatively short run.


And yes, they were all women.


Someone tell me what that’s all about.
I mean, I can parallel park a Suburban for chrissakes — Hondas and the other assorted parent-purchased sedans practically park themselves!


Maybe it’s an age thing. Or a car thing. I was shite at parking until I got the VW — it’s pretty much like piloting a big red sneaker…


Or a neighbourhood thing: what with megamalls and massive parking lots populating most of the U.S.


Or perhaps it’s just that some people have absolutely no driving abilities whatsoever… which is why I’m glad we don’t yet have flying cars…


Although, that would just mean more girls dressed like Paris Hilton sobbing into their Motorola Razor phones to their boyfriends about how they accidentally drove the saucer up a tree…