Meanderings of an addled mind

It was bound to happen: Google now has a blogsearch function.


Of course, seeing as many, if not most bloggers tend to be rather anonymous, it’s not that easy to find people. In fact, the only person I was able to find was myself, but then again, if you know me it’s not too difficult to figure out. Either way, for me it was a letdown: I know where my blog is.


The most interesting part, however, was how many previous SPL posts it located have been deleted.


Many of you know I have somewhat recently performed a virtual purge on these here pages, and my life, of someone I shall hitherto refer to as the Deleted One, a.k.a. Dead-To-Me-Go-Rot-In-Hell. (Unfortunately, deleting people from your brain takes a bit longer, but I’m working on it by maniacally watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind .)


In the meantime, I have wasted half a day looking.


Of course, it’s easy to get sucked into the Web—so far today between looking for blogs, bikes and room and board (my bro’s on a mission to move me to Manayunk, or ManyHunks as that bald anorexic beyond-vegan raw food junkie Justin calls it, so curiosity’s got me thinking a move to Philly’s bicycle-mecca might be in order post-snow days) I’ve done nada.


Except for a quick trip to that great green Satan: Starbucks.


Failed vegan I may be these days, what with my recent Swiss-on-crackers addiction, but with the exception of those minor cow milk fat magnet transgressions, I love my soy and soy products. Is that so wrong? (Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I did take the Farm Sanctuary "Go Vegan!" sticker off my car so as not to appear the hypocrite as I carted the cow-stuff outta’ Trader Joe’s!)


And goddamn did it taste good, like a little liquid slice of chocolate heaven as I drove back to the dark, dismal Bat Cave* marveling at how fast the weather’s changing to fall (or autumn for you humorless hardasses).


As if the Halloween candy and decorations at the drug store didn’t give it away, the swirly wind sending leaves in circles under my tires as I rode home from ManyHunks last night sealed the deal. The paved path along the Schuykill is dumb pedestrian hell in daylight, but as soon as it’s dark and the yuppies retreat to their TVs the river looks like a dark, placid lake and all you can hear is turning of your wheels … and the occasional boomin’ system going by.


Even though, it’s awesome.


Fall is my favorite season, and this one’s gearing up to be one of the best yet. After the suicidal tendency-inducing summer complete with lying losers, broken cars, shitty jobs and house-disrupting construction I’ve suffered through, I certainly deserve it.


Bring on the pumpkins!!!

Fwd: Only in North Dakota…

My friend Charles sent this to me today. It totally cheered a grey, rainy day up for me:

This was in the local newspaper today…LOL

The West Fargo Chamber Of Commerce requested restricted parking signsaround their building. They requested 10 or 15 minute parking onlysigns, giving the city the choice of making them 10 or 15 minutes. The city gave them this…. How diplomatic can you be?